Are you looking to chase holiday blues away?

Many people think that holiday depression is a December problem. Of course, it can certainly strike before and during the Christmas season.

However, seasonal depression is actually more common right after the holidays are done. The season itself is so busy that you don’t have time to focus so much on how you’re feeling.

After the first of the year, though, things quiet down. That’s when you realize that you’re settling into a state of sadness.

Don’t just accept this sadness as part of the holiday routine. Here are seven things you can do to chase holiday blues away.

1. Keep a Daily Journal

There are so many thoughts swirling around in our minds all day long. We tend to tune them out. Therefore, we don’t realize just how much those thoughts are dragging us down. However, if we get them out on paper, then we can see exactly what’s going on in our own minds.

Start each day with a journal entry. It helps you clear your mind so that all of that stuff isn’t just in there anymore for you to ruminate upon. Moreover, it helps you start to see clear patterns that will allow you to make slow, steady changes to improve your life.

2. Say Thank You

In other words, practice gratitude. You can’t chase holiday blues away by focusing on things that you lack, dislike, or wish could be different.

What you give attention to will grow. If you instead focus on what you appreciate it, then you will grow your positive feelings.

3. Get Your Body Moving

Exercise is good for both physical and mental health. It is important to get your body moving. In fact, you should try to exercise every single day.

However, don’t do exercise that you dread or dislike. Find activities, sports, or physical games that you enjoy. Ask people you like to accompany you as you get your body moving.

4. Choose Wisely What You Put in Your Body

In addition to exercise, your body needs nutritious, energizing food. People’s diets often fall off track during the holiday season.

By the time the new year rolls around, you might find yourself in a fog caused by sugar, alcohol, and processed carbs.

It’s time to start thinking about how the things you consume impact the way that you feel.

5. Reconnect with Nature

Humans are called to nature. Even people who love their urban environment need time in a natural environment. It replenishes us, refills us, and renews our sense of awe.

Get out hiking, biking, or kayaking. Have a picnic in the park. Purchase some houseplants and care for them. At the very least, stop and literally smell the flowers when you’re out doing your daily routine.

6. Get Back to Your Routine

One of the problems with the holidays is that they take us out of our routines. Things are so busy. There are different events and commitments. School and work schedules change. Sometimes just getting back to your old routine can help you chase holiday blues away.

7. Start Something New and Exciting

One of the best ways to chase holiday blues away is to begin a new endeavor that excites you.

Start planning a vacation for later in the year. Sign up for a class in something that you have always wanted to learn. Begin dating someone new.

When you have the holiday blues, it can feel like nothing will ever be exciting again. However, if you brainstorm a list of things that give you even the tiniest bit of excitement, then you’ll soon realize that there is something you’re eager to try.

You might not be able to chase holiday blues away on your own. Therapy can help. Learn more about depression counseling here.