Humans are naturally optimistic, continually hoping for the best in life. Plus, it takes plenty of optimism as well as a willingness to work hard to accomplish anything in this world.

Optimism drove people to explore the oceans, build skyscrapers, and journey into space. So, why is it so hard for you to be optimistic and to seize the day?

Countless reasons exist why this may be happening. However, with guidance, you can get back doing what you were meant to do.

Here’s a deeper dive into why you may not seize the day even though you were born for optimism.

Life May Seem Out of Your Control

One reason why you might find optimism challenging is because of life circumstances. For many reasons, you may not feel in control of your life, including:

  • Experiencing a medical crisis
  • Living through a natural disaster
  • Losing your job
  • Watching someone you love make negative choices

Not having any control means that you are disempowered to affect any change, regardless of the situation. Yet, that doesn’t have to be true!

man working but looks frustrated at his computer and hands on his headOf course, there are many instances where you cannot change the outcome. If your employer decides to lay you off, for example, there probably isn’t going to be any recourse for you. However, you do have control over how you emotionally cope with the situation. You can allow yourself to feel hurt, betrayed, or sad following the loss of your job.

Additionally, you do have a choice regarding what to do next. Do you let hose emotions dominate your thinking? Or, do you make a different choice moving forward?

“Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” Seems Outdated

It’s a classic line that just about everybody has heard of, and yet, how often do you genuinely follow the advice?

At its heart, the words say to avoid worrying over the little details that pop up in our lives. These are things that cause us annoyance, but over time can cause real stress and anxiety. Whether it’s forgetting to pay a bill or navigating the traffic on the morning commute, the “small stuff” can seem like significant stress at the moment.

However, the idea is to focus more on the big picture, such as sticking to a goal. These big ideas allow you to seize the day. Whereas, if you get stuck in the details, they will overwhelm you and can cause depression. So, maybe it’s time to pay attention to that sage wisdom again.

Your Perception of the World Is Negative

You perceive and interpret your environment through the lens of your psychology instead of logic. All of your lived experiences, both positive and negative, inform how you process the world around you in the present.

If you have had many positive and affirming experiences, then it makes sense that you would perceive the world with a sense of optimism and a seize the day attitude. However, the opposite experience in life will also inform your perceptions.

Often these negative experiences are not your fault, but perhaps you have been dealt with one too many of these cards. Thus, you form a hopeless and powerless attitude, which is natural if that has been your lived experience.

How Therapy Can Change the Narrative

Despite these issues, it’s still possible to create a more optimistic future for yourself. The best place to start is by participating in depression therapy to overcome blockages.

Counseling will help you to understand why you struggle with optimism. By learning new ways to look at old burdens and put those burdens to rest, you can start a new chapter in your life.

Humans can feel both optimism and depression. The former allows you to create positive change, while the other only hinders you.

If you want to seize the day and make a change, please contact me today or visit my page on depression counseling in NYC to learn more about how I can help.