Spring is the season of new beginnings. As we emerge from winter we are filled with the spirit of rejuvenation.

Starting fresh can also apply to our personal lives, leaving the past behind.

Whether we’re experiencing the end of a relationship or a new job, change happens. When change does occur, it often brings up feelings of anxiety. Which, can be hard to shake.

Yet, there are things that we can do to leave the past behind, moving to a greater future.

How to Launch a Season of New Beginnings

We can’t predict the future and yet, we can influence it! Consider these five ideas about how to launch a season of new beginnings.

1. Start Fresh with Spring Cleaning

yellow tulips in the sun in springThere’s a reason why the phrase “Spring Cleaning” exists. The start of spring is a great time to clean out the cobwebs (literally and figuratively) and start anew.

To start, it’s helpful to take a look around the house and make a list of things to do, which may include:

  • Deep cleaning floors and carpets
  • Picking up yard waste
  • Getting the windows professionally cleaned
  • Tidying up closets
  • Cleaning hard to reach (and often overlooked) places

But, why does this matter or even make a difference?

Personal space is often a reflection of what’s happening on the inside. It’s motivating using deep cleaning to spring into a season of new beginnings, starting fresh and ready to tackle challenges.

Plus, it’s something that is completely in our control, symbolizing a fresh new season.

2. Go on a Trip

To celebrate a season of new beginnings, it’s often rewarding to go on a trip.

Spring is an excellent time to travel. Furthermore, travel allows us to have both physical and mental space from our daily lives.

This is especially true of international travel. Plus, it allows us to focus our attention on the present moment versus being distracted by daily concerns at home.

Finally, a trip can represent the start of a new chapter in life. It’s like turning the page in a book, per se.

3. Create a “Letting Go” Ceremony

A letting go ceremony is an event we create for ourselves that represents a new start. The intent of the ceremony is to let go of the past—or whatever it is we’re holding onto—so that we can move forward.

For example, some people hike to an overlook with a great view of the sunrise. They recite a quote from an author or book that resonates with them. As the sun breaks past the horizon, they greet it with open arms and a joyous heart, warmly welcoming a season of new beginnings.

Sounds corny? For some, it might be. However, the beauty in creating our own ceremony is that it has a particular meaning for us individually.

We often use ceremonies to mark new beginnings. This is true when a couple decides to marry or even when a politician is sworn into office.

Ceremonies are powerful and can be incredibly meaningful.

4. Start a New Routine

A great way to jumpstart a season of new beginnings is to start a new routine, such as:

  • A new exercise regimen
  • Reading a book or type of literary work
  • Starting a new hobby or practicing a skill
  • Participating in a recreational league for sports
  • Journaling every morning while having a cup of coffee
  • Going on a daily walk
  • Trying yoga or meditation

With warmer days and more daylight, there is more time to start a new practice and easier to find a good rhythm.

5. Reach Out for Support

Making a fresh start can be difficult. Some of us struggle with the past more than others.

Many times, this is because we hold on to things from the past associated with fear. This fear can cause anxiety, worry, and stress.

Anxiety counseling is helpful for those who feel as though wrestling with the past is a daily struggle. Moreover, talking to a therapist is a positive way to navigate through issues related to the past.

Really, addressing the past through therapy is a profound way to launch a season of new beginnings.

Spring can be the best time for a fresh start—personal or professional.

Embracing your own season of new beginnings won’t likely launch without its fair share of challenges.

Please reach out to me if you’re finding it hard to “lift off.” I would like to help. Or, visit here to learn more about my services.