Much has been written during the coronavirus pandemic about how to “keep the spark alive” in your relationship. Most of the advice isn’t necessarily off the mark. However, what do you do to keep your romance secure during COVID?

This information goes far beyond merely ensuring that things stay exciting in your relationship. Instead, it’s all about maintaining a strong and healthy connection with your partner. That, in turn, creates a secure bond.

And relationships right now are crucial when it comes to facing this crisis.

Here’s what you can do to keep your romance secure, including participating in couples counseling.

Do Things Together

First, it’s a no-brainer that doing various activities together is very important when it comes to keeping your romance secure. When you and your partner participate in an event, you create an experience. It’ those experiences — both big and small — that bring two people together.

By the way, this advice is accurate regardless of whether or not there is a pandemic. However, it’s even more crucial now. Some ideas that you can do during COVID-19 include:

  • Playing board games and puzzles
  • Cooking meals together (try a meal kit!)
  • Exercising
  • Getting out of the house to do socially distant activities, such as hiking

Nurture Your Intimacy

Of course, anyone will say that intimacy is essential for any relationship. But with COVID-19, quarantine and plenty of other issues make closeness more vital.  But why?

For one, intimacy with your partner is a healthy distraction from what’s happening in the world. But closeness plays a much more critical role than keeping your mind off of the bad news. It is a physical expression of the love you both share.

Intimacy releases passion, desire, and even lust. The act of intimacy verifies the connection that you share and how much you love one another. And it’s not only emotions we’re talking about here. When you nurture a special bond with your partner, you release hormones that enhance the pleasure, as well as that connection.

Make Little Things Matter

Another idea is to be thoughtful and kind to your partner. Doing something meaningful helps to keep your romance secure. These actions show that you care about your partner and are thinking about them.

The best part is these don’t have to be over-the-top expressions of your love. It’s the little acts that matter most, such:

  • Cooking breakfast for your partner
  • Writing a kind note
  • Ordering their favorite take-out meal
  • Renting online a movie they’ve wanted to see

Keep in mind; a straightforward act you can do anytime that’s thoughtful, kind, and meaningful to your partner is telling them that you love them.

Boost Your Communication Game

Successful partners are typically going to be experts at communication. Of course, even the most proficient communicators have missteps and setbacks. So, don’t feel bad if you and your partner are not the best at communicating.

However, now is the time to boost your communication game. Whether you are still figuring it out or have been communicating effectively for years, there’s always room for improvement. Remember these communication tips to keep your romance secure:

  • Listen intently
  • Ensure that they have space to speak
  • Summarize what they said
  • Ask for clarification and help when needed
  • Identify the problem, but don’t dwell on it
  • Work together to find a workable solution

COVID-19 presents many challenges, including how to keep your romance secure. Even in the best of times, maintaining a relationship can be challenging. However, this is more so during this pandemic.

Relationships are critical for helping us through this crisis. Try the ideas above and apply them to your relationship. However, if you’re still struggling, consider participating with your partner in couples counseling.

Please reach out to me today or visit my page on couples counseling to learn more.