What is love? It’s an age-old question that people have been asking for a very long time.

It’s been immortalized in art, music, and literature. Yet, even in the 21st century, we still find ourselves still asking the same question. Everyone has their perspective on what love should be.

However, consider that true love isn’t about the “fairy tale.”

Rather, love is about action. It’s what we do when facing challenges both big and small, and overcoming them together.

Here are seven potential challenges for relationships and how couples can overcome them.

1. Trouble Making Decisions

One of the potential challenges for relationships includes difficulty making decisions together. You have one idea, but your partner has another. Both of you go back and forth arguing who has the better idea. Should we go to the beach this weekend, or stay in and watch movies? These differences are often left unresolved, leading to relationship conflict.

2. Differences in Priorities

As you might have seen from above, having differences in priorities can spell trouble for couples. Remember, you don’t have to agree with each other all of the time. However, your priorities ought to align with one another closely.

An example of this issue is deciding how to spend your free time together. If those priorities are way off from each other, it’s a recipe for conflict.

3. Bickering and Sarcasm

Two problems for any relationship are bickering and sarcasm. Bickering is low-level arguing. These are not blow-out fights that become epic affairs. Instead, these are the milder back-and-forth moments that often include biting sarcasm.

Keep in mind; this isn’t the “funny” kind of sarcasm; it’s sarcasm that exposes a flaw or insecurity about the other person. Its real purpose is to bring the other person down.

4. When the Chores Are Out of Wack

If there is an imbalance in the workload for household tasks and chores, there will be conflict. At first, that might be in the form of hidden resentments that you have towards your partner.

For instance, you do a lot of housework, but your partner never recognizes that work. Or the promise to do something, only to fail to follow through. Resentments only stay hidden for so long. They eventually come to the surface.

5. Different Philosophies for Raising Children

You’d be surprised, but many couples end up having a child without having these more in-depth conversations about how to raise one. Those differences can have a profound impact on the relationship. If you aren’t on the same page, it’s a setup for some pretty severe challenges for the relationship.

6. Lack of Honesty

Let’s face it; love thrives on honesty and trust. It’s what draws you both closer together. But what happens if you keep secrets from your partner and can’t be honest with them?

For any couple, dishonesty presents severe challenges for relationships. You hold those secrets deep inside you until they spill out, causing even more damage.

7. Money

When considering challenges for relationships, money is hands down the clear frontrunner. That’s because money issues include many of the other factors listed above. For instance:

  • Trust
  • Having aligned philosophies
  • Similar priorities
  • Making decisions together

Plus, there are significant consequences when money plans go awry. That could mean a missed payment, damage to one’s credit record, or even debt.

Couples Counseling for Relationship Challenges

Couples don’t have to struggle when it comes to facing challenges for relationships. Instead, an excellent and proactive option is to reach out for help.

Talking to a couples counselor now, before these situations get out of hand, is crucial. Even if you have allowed a little time to pass before reaching out, it’s still not too late to participate in therapy and get these problems under control.

There are many challenges for relationships. However, it’s still possible to honor the love you both had at the start of the relationship and adapt to these changing circumstances. With the help of a counselor, they don’t have to spell the end of your relationship.

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