If you’re like most professionals, you’ve likely been in your career now for some time. Maybe it’s been 5 years, 10, or even more.

Yet, you can feel your motivation waning. The work just doesn’t interest you like it used to. There isn’t any novelty, and it doesn’t seem likely that you will get promoted anytime soon.

You’ve heard all the talk about finding your passion and doing the job you love. However, not quite ready to switch careers yet.

So, what are you supposed to do?

The trick is finding career motivation for what you’re doing right now. This along with job and work support can help you get to a better place in your career. Here’s how to find the career motivation that you need.

Start Where You Are

man working at his desk writing in his notebookTo boost your career motivation, start where you are right now. It might seem tempting to throw caution to the wind and strike out on a totally different path. Yet, that mainly works if you are truly inspired and passionate about what you want to do.

For now, hone your focus in on the role you have right now. Consider for a moment, what exactly is it that you do anyway?

Look over your official job description (if one is available), and also think about how you would define your work. Just taking some time to consider what is you do might be just the trick for finding some career motivation.

Look for Learning Opportunities

Unsurprisingly, learning new skills tends to keep career motivation at its peak. So seek out opportunities within your current career to expand your skill sets.

For example, if you are a computer programmer, learning a new coding language. No matter what field you are in there’s always something new happening or an upcoming trend on the horizon. Learning new things within your career can help you find and maintain career motivation.

Keep in mind that learning opportunities can present themselves in various ways. You might opt for a more formal setting such as taking college courses or attending a conference. Or maybe you prefer a more informal setting such as reading articles in your spare time or doing research online.

Take on New Responsibilities

Look into potential opportunities in your current field that allow you to take on new responsibilities.

This may sound like taking on more work but look at it from a different angle. When you say that you are willing to take on new responsibilities you are showing that you want to improve yourself.

Also, that you desire to be a more well-rounded member of your organization. That means that you become a greater asset. Perhaps it’s learning a new purchase ordering system or being able to write reports in a particular way.

Becoming invaluable to your company lends itself to a boosted level of career motivation.

Set Goals for Yourself

No matter what field you are in goal-setting is an important skill to master. After all, when you set goals you are putting yourself in the driver’s seat when it comes to your own development.

Do you feel unsure of the goals you should set? One key is to take some time to relax and unwind. While you’re taking a break, your mind can relax. It doesn’t have to focus so much on the everyday issues going on at work.

During these moments, it’s possible to find inspiration and those little “aha” moments that could be your next goal or objective.

Ask for Guidance

This is an important time for you right now—a crossroads, of sorts. That’s why it’s helpful to ask for guidance from a professional who’s an expert at providing job and work support.

A therapist who understands these issues can help you generate the spark that gets your career motivation back into high-gear. This is true whether you choose to stay in your current career or deiced to pursue other options. Either way, you will have a support system in place who can help.

If you’re struggling in your current field and need some career motivation, then it’s time to start thinking outside of the box. If you’re experiencing trouble trying to navigate this issue in your professional life, please reach out to me for help.

I specialize in job and work support, and would enjoy helping you explore various solutions to infuse your career with motivation. Visit here to learn more.