Have you read one too many work/life balance articles?

If you’re like most women, you’ve probably come to the point where you said “ENOUGH! It’s time to stop reading and to start living out this balance.” After all, balancing work and family seems to be on the minds of many professional women.

However, although it’s an admirable goal, it also can feel like another never-ending rat race in itself.

Often, this leaves you wondering if there is any way to truly achieve work life/balance?

As many things in life do, striking this balance requires some trial and error. It’s also imperative that you possess a willingness to learn from your mistakes as well as the ability to forgive yourself.

Consider these ideas if you’re ready to balance work and family more effectively.

Become an Organizational Ninja

woman working on her computer and smilingThe first step to achieving work/life balance is to stay organized. This can be broken down into two parts, which are:

  1. Your schedule: Study how you divide your time each day and what activities you are doing. Don’t think about trying to squeeze more minutes out of your day. Rather, reflect on how and what you spend your time on. Is the task critical or is it something that you could do without?
  2. To-do lists: Plenty of people have to-do lists, and so should you. It’s a great way to stay on track and get things done. However, just like with your schedule, critique what tasks you are doing and whether they truly deserve your time.

Plan Ahead for the Week

On the night before your week starts, go over your calendar and to-do lists for what you will be doing.

Some other ideas include:

  • Prep and cook your lunches, or even dinners ahead of time so that they are ready to go.
  • Ensure your work bag is ready for Monday
  • Double check that arrangements have been made for the kids.

This is an excellent opportunity to sit down with your partner (if applicable) to discuss the game plan for the week.

This actually serves two purposes. Firstly, you can address any logistical concerns. And secondly, it allows an opportunity to actively communicate and problem-solve together as a team.

Let Go of Doing Everything Yourself

You’ve most likely read other articles about delegating tasks such as calling in your grocery order for delivery. However, for many women, the deeper issue is learning to let go.

Be okay with the fact that you can’t do it all yourself. In our society, women have been taught that they have to be superheroes with the capacity to juggle 20 balls in the air.

While that may be impressive short-term, it’s very hard to accomplish over time. Remember that you are not a failure. Rather, acknowledge that you are human and need to delegate.

Do Something for Yourself

Trying to keep up with work/life balance leaves you feeling drained and burned out. Usually, the first thing to go on your list of priorities is anything that you consider fun.

But, why?

Mostly, because you probably feel guilty to be doing something that you enjoy when the to-do isn’t all checked off. Yet, that’s another difficult thing that women are expected to achieve—working non-stop while practicing ample self-care. Something has to give!

Instead, when it comes to work/life balance, make time for yourself a priority. It can be whatever it is you like to do, just make sure that you do it!

It’s okay if you don’t pick up the dry-cleaning. If postponing that task offers you the chance for a jog or to read your favorite book then allow yourself the moment.

Find Support Through Business Counseling

Don’t you wish that there existed a women and business counseling program headed by individuals who knew exactly what you were going through? It turns out, such a program does exist!

If you are struggling to find the work/life balance you desire, then participating in counseling meant for professional women could be helpful. It can be an opportunity to problem-solve how to balance both work and family. While at the same time, counseling offers you an outlet to voice frustration and discuss solutions.

It is possible to achieve a work/life balance. Yet, it’s also important to know that you shouldn’t have to run yourself ragged to get there.

Consider getting support from a specialist who focuses on women and business counseling to get professional help. Reach out to me today or visit here to learn more about how I can help.